Filter press is commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. As the filter plate possessing with stable performance, easy operation, safe, labor-saving features, it was applied in the early 18th century during chemical production, whereas it is still widely used in various industries now. Metal tube processed by the seamless steel pipe, plastic filtering plate by accurate casting molding, which has features of resistance of high temperature and high pressure with good durability. Specific application is hereby introduced as follows:

The composition of the hydraulic press is composed of a hydraulic station, a cylinder, a piston, a piston rod and a piston rod connected to the compression plate. The hydraulic station is composed of motor, oil pump, relief valve (regulating pressure) valve, pressure gauge, oil, fuel tank. Golden Triumph filter equipment works in a filtering way of either free flow filtration or undercurrent flow filtration. For free flow filtration, each filtering plate is equipped with a water outlet, the filtered liquid can be flowed from the water outlet directly. For undercurrent flow filtration, each filtering plate is equipped with a liquid passage hole, and the several outlet holes of the filter plates is connected into a liquid discharge passage, and filtered liquid is discharged from the pipe which is connected to the hole on the thrust plate.

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