Sodium hypochlorite generator

1. Product composition:

Feeding system, reaction system, control system, mixed absorption system and safety system

2Reaction principle:




Raw material: sodium chlorate (GB / t1618-1995 industrial grade I product, content ≥ 99%);


(gb320-93 industrial grade I product, concentration ≥ 31%).

3Performance characteristics:


◆ for the production of compound disinfectant mainly supplemented by chlorine dioxide, the ClO2 content is calculated according to the effective chlorine


Greater than 75%.


◆ raw material transportation adopts flowmeter for dosing, which has the advantages of simple operation, accurate feeding, no blockage and stable operation.


◆ the main reactor inside the equipment adopts imported composite materials with high temperature and corrosion resistance, with long service life.


◆ total conversion rate of raw materials ≥ 85%, low energy consumption.


◆ the equipment operates semi automatically, and there is no need for special personnel to watch after adding enough raw materials.


◆ the material barrel is placed on the top, which is especially suitable for places with low water pressure.

4Raw material consumption:


The production of 1G effective chlorine consumes 0.65g sodium chlorate and 1.3g hydrochloric acid, equivalent to 0.001 usd.

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