sediment separator

 I.Basic introduction

Inclined plate (tube) sedimentation tank is a high-efficiency combined sedimentation tank designed according to the shallow tank sedimentation theory; Also referred to as shallow sedimentation tank. Many dense inclined pipes or inclined plates are set in the settlement area to make the suspended impurities in the water precipitate in the inclined plate or inclined pipe, the water flows upward along the inclined plate or inclined pipe, and the separated sludge slides downward along the inclined plate (pipe) to the bottom of the tank under the action of gravity, and then is centrally discharged. The sedimentation efficiency can be increased by 50 ~ 60%, and the treatment capacity can be increased by 3 ~ 5 times in the same area
   II. Features  

1. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, no wearing parts, durability and reduced maintenance.

2. Stable operation and easy operation.

3. Less power and energy saving.

4. It has the advantages of low land occupation, low investment, fast launch and high efficiency. 5 short residence time, high sedimentation effect, high treatment efficiency, low aeration intensity and no sludge reflux.
  III. Application

1. The removal rates of mixed wastewater containing multiple metal ions, chromium, copper, iron, zinc and nickel in electroplating wastewater are more than 90%. Generally, electroplating wastewater can meet the discharge standard after treatment. 2. Coal mine and beneficiation wastewater can raise and lower the turbidity from 500-1500 mg / L to 5 mg / L. 3. The chroma removal rate of dyeing and bleaching wastewater is 70-90%, and the COD removal rate is 50-70%. 4. The removal of a large amount of organic matter from wastewater from tanning, food and other industries, with COD removal rate of 50-80% and impurity solid removal rate of more than 90%. 5. The COD removal rate of chemical wastewater is 60-70%, the chroma removal rate is 60-90%, and the suspended solids meet the discharge standard.                     

 IV. Technical Parameter

Model SQSX


















Equipment size









V. Structure

1. Materials of inclined pipe and inclined plate: FRP, PVC, PE and PP

2. The inclined pipe section is generally hexagonal, and the inclined plate section can be parallel plate or sine wave plate.

3. The height of the clear water area above the top of the inclined pipe (plate) is 1.0-1.5m, and the height of the water distribution area below the bottom is not less than 1.0-1.5m. During mechanical sludge discharge, the height of the water distribution area shall be greater than 1.6m to facilitate installation and maintenance.

4. The re number of water flow in inclined pipe (plate) is less than 500, and the fr number is 10-3-10-5,

5. The design flow rate of inclined pipe is 1.0-4.0mm/s and that of inclined plate is 10-20mm / s.  

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