Hydraulic Filter Press

Introduction of Hydraulic Filter Press:

Hydraulic filter press is an intermittent press filter device .This machine consist of frame part , filter section ,hydraulic device and electrical control section .When the filter press in operation , the piston in the cylinder push the pressing plate .The filter plate and filter cloth between pressing plate and thrust plate is be pressed tight,ensure the slurry in the filter chamber can be fully press and filtration. Filter press hydraulic system is consists of a hydraulic station, a cylinder , a piston ,a piston rod etc. The hydraulic station is consists of a motor , oil pump, relief valve ,revers valve, pressure gauge, oil tank etc . It includes hydraulic filter press function.

Hydraulic filter press have frame and plate types and chamber types. Customers can according to the different order to make a choice . At the same time ,the hydraulic filter have the function of automatic pressure hold . Can save power.

Advantage of Hydraulic Filter Press:

1. The filter plate of the hydraulic filter is made by reinforced PP, with high strength, light weight, resistant corrosion ,non-toxic, non-odor.
2. The Hydraulic press is automatic pull plate, use the electrical ,hydraulic or computer automatic control . With high degree automation. Save labor. Improve working efficiency.
3. This filter press machine using hydraulic device as power system to compression and release filter plate. Using pressure gauge to hold the pressure. Not only reduce worker working intensity but also reduce pressure loss.
4. Hydraulic filter machine easy operation ,safe and save effort.

Application of Hydraulic Filter Press:

Hydraulic filter press widely used in petroleum, chemical, dyes, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, paper, coal washing and sewage treatment industry and other industry needs of solid-liquid separation.Hydraulic filter press working principle like following . When the filter press operating , hydraulic station supply high pressure oil , cylinder and the piston components fully filled with oil. When the pressure is greater than the pressing plate resistance,the compression plate slowly press the filter plate. When the pressing force is reaches the pressure set by relief valve. The filter plate ,filter frame(plate and filter type) or filter plate(chamber type) are pressed, the relief valve starts unloading. At this time , cut off the motor power, complete the pressing process . When the pressing plate is returned ,the operation manner it’s same.

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