Belt Filter Press

Introduction of Belt Filter Press:

Belt Filter Press is a new technology filter machine. It has a better function for sludge dewatering filtration process. And the sludge can be easily dropped down from the belt filter press because of the special material of filter belt. According to different materials, the belt filter machine can be configured with different specifications of filter belts to achieve high filtration accuracy. As a professional belt filter press manufacturer, Golden Triumph has developed his own technology of belt press filter. Currently, we have developed a new vacuum belt filter press. According to customers’ material; we will provide the customers with the most suitable solutions and best belt filter press price.

Belt Filter Press Advantages:

1. The belt filter press structure is designed strongly. Smooth operation and stable performance with low noise.
2. The belt press machine is equipped with advanced concentration pretreatment equipments, which will make a better sludge flocculation effect and low operating costs
3. Long lifetime belt press filter
Gravity dehydration zone has the configuration of advanced material distributor, which will make the material equally distributed and extend the life time of the filter belt.
4. With long gravity dewatering zone and wedge dewatering area, the material in the belt press is fully dehydrated to ensure that the material will not overflow in the press area
5. Belt filter press roller arrangement is scientific. The gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration, squeeze dehydration were discharged separately and will not interfere with each other. Squeeze dehydration roller diameter is big and make a good result in dehydration process. Thus belt press filter will have advantage of large production capacity, energy saving and high efficiency
6. Belt filter press is automatic and continuous operation from the feed to thedischarge
7. Safety filter press
A reliable backwashing device is provided to ensure the dewatering effect of the filter belt. The use of pneumatic tension and pneumatic automatic correction device to ensure the safe operation of the belt filter press.

Belt Filter Press Applications:

Because of the above advantages, the belt filter press can be widely used in urban waste water treatment, chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, paper making, leather making, food, coal washing, printing and dyeing, sludge dewatering and other industries.

Golden Triumph Group will continuously make technology innovation to develop new type belt filter press for sale. We welcome customers to ask us any questions about belt press filter.
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