Domestic waste incinerator

Garbage Incinerator

I. Characteristics of domestic waste incinerator:

1.The domestic waste incinerator is equipped with automatic feeding and discharging system to avoid possible pollution caused by manual operation;

2.The secondary combustion design of domestic waste incinerator, with the temperature in the furnace above 1100 ~ 1300 , the flue gas is reprocessed, colorless and non-toxic, the combustibles are completely ashed, and the volume reduction ratio is 97%;

3.The domestic waste incinerator has small volume and small equipment floor area.

4.The domestic waste incinerator is designed with safety chain pin and two-level temperature control automatic alarm system, with low operation cost and high degree of automation.

 5.The domestic waste incinerator adopts full-automatic control technology to monitor and control important parameters in the incineration process, with a high degree of automation.

6.The whole set of equipment of the domestic waste incinerator has the characteristics of reasonable process, reliable operation, high degree of automation, simple operation and high burning rate of harmful solid waste. The system adheres to the consistent quality of advanced and excellent German industry, and fully realizes the "harmless, non quantitative and stable" treatment of solid waste treatment. It is the preferred equipment for the treatment of municipal solid waste.

II.  The composition of the incineration unit includes:

    Primary combustion chamber, secondary combustion chamber, cyclone dust collector, chimney, flue, pipeline system, high-pressure blower, auxiliary pressure induced draft fan, primary combustion machine, secondary combustion machine, electric control cabinet, temperature display device, detection device, etc.

III. Advantages of Garbage Incinerator furnace:

    Design life: the incinerator can meet the needs of all-weather operation, can operate continuously and intermittently, the annual operation time is not less than 8000 hours, and the design life is more than 10 years.

    The shell of the furnace body is of steel structure, the inner wall is made of refractory casting materials of different properties, the inner layer is made of high-temperature casting materials, which can withstand the high temperature of 1790 ℃, and the middle is made of light refractory materials, which can not only ensure sufficient combustion temperature in the furnace, but also keep the shell low temperature to prevent scalding. The refractory materials are cast as a whole, which are not easy to fall off and corrosion.

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