Crushing Type Screen Filter

1. Application:

The equipment is mainly used in sewage treatment plants and pump stations, which can meet the application occasions of various flows

Scope of supply

Complete crusher assembly, accessories, fasteners, local junction box, control box (optional), cables and spare parts required for effective and reliable operation.

3. Product features


3.1 the blade is optimized to ensure efficient cutting capacity and service life.


3.2 double shaft design, large water flow, which can meet the application occasions of large flow.


3.3 the grid gap is small, with a minimum of 6mm-12mm, which can effectively ensure the cutting size.


3.4 imported motor reducer improves the reliability of the equipment.


3.5 the specially customized mechanical seal system can work in the harsh sewage environment for a long time.


3.6 multi motor design can effectively prevent drum overload damage and improve system reliability.

4. Control system (optional)


The controller will provide independent control for the crusher. The rated power of the controller is 3-7.5kw (maximum), 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz.

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