Bar Screen filter press

 Automatic Rotary Bar Screen Filter Press

I. Structure:

The self-cleaning grid trash bar screen filter press is mainly composed of frame, driving device, tooth rake and transmission chain. Rake teeth with special shapes made of ABS engineering plastics, nylon 6, nylon 1010 or stainless steel are assembled on the rake shaft in a certain order to form a closed rake tooth chain.

I. Application   

This product is widely used in the two gratings of water supply and drainage and the intake of water intake structures without coarse floating objects; It can also be used in industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater such as papermaking, textile, leather, wine making, sugar pressing, aquatic products, etc.

I. Features 

The chain rotary multi rake plane grid trash remover is a new model developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. It consists of multiple tooth rakes (generally 4-8) evenly distributed on the traction ring chain at a certain interval to form a multi rake rotating body. The tooth rakes descend from the rear of the trash rack bar and run backward to the front of the rack bar through the underwater sprocket, Rake the dirt intercepted by the grid bar from bottom to top, fish it along the baffle to the slag discharge port, unload it into the dirt storage barrel or discharge it through conveyor, press and other auxiliary equipment.

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