Automatic Screw Filter


Stacked screw filter sludge dehydrator is a compact design, small floor space, low energy consumption and low operation cost, which can realize continuous feeding and discharging, convenient maintenance and low concentration sludge dewatering. It can be applied to all kinds of activated sludge, concentrated sludge and mixed sludge in various municipal sewage treatment plants, industries and food processing industries, especially for oily sludge and viscous sludge that are not easy to be treated by traditional filter cloth.

2.Working principle of screw filter (stack dehydrator):

1. Concentration: when the spiral push shaft rotates, the multiple fixed and movable laminations arranged at the periphery of the push shaft move relatively. Under the action of gravity, water is filtered out from the relatively moving lamination gap to realize rapid concentration.

2. Dewatering: the concentrated sludge moves forward with the rotation of the screw shaft; Along the outlet direction of the mud cake, the pitch of the spiral shaft decreases gradually, the gap between the rings also decreases gradually, and the volume of the spiral cavity shrinks continuously; Under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure increases gradually. Driven by the continuous operation of the spiral drive shaft in turn, the water in the sludge is extruded and discharged, and the solid content of the filter cake increases continuously, so as to finally realize the continuous dehydration of the sludge.

3. Self cleaning: the rotation of the screw shaft promotes the continuous rotation of the traveling ring. The equipment realizes the continuous self-cleaning process by relying on the movement between the fixed ring and the traveling ring, so as to skillfully avoid the common blockage problem of the traditional dehydrator.


(1) It can realize low concentration dehydration without building sludge concentration tank and sludge storage tank, and reduce the overall investment cost of capital construction.


(2) Drive motor frequency conversion control, low speed rotation, low failure rate, low noise and low power consumption


(3) The equipment has self-cleaning function, less backwashing water consumption and saving water resources


(4) The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the equipment is high-grade and durable


(5) It can realize 24-hour continuous operation without forced mud feeding and high-pressure recoil


(6) Small floor area and convenient maintenance.


1. It is applicable to sludge from municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical industry, leather, welding materials, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries.


2. It is applicable to the dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When dewatering low concentration (2000mg / L ~) sludge, there is no need to build concentration tank and storage tank, so as to reduce the construction cost, reduce the release of phosphorus and the generation of anaerobic odor.

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