Anaerobic reactor

Anaerobic reactor tank

Anaerobic tank is an efficient multistage internal circulation reactor, which is the representative type of the third generation anaerobic reactor (UASB is the representative type of the second generation anaerobic reactor). Compared with the second generation anaerobic reactor, it has less land occupation, high organic load, stronger impact resistance, more stable performance and simpler operation and management. High concentration organic waste water when cod is 10000-15000mg / 1; The general volume load of the second generation UASB reactor is 5-8KG COD / m3; The volume loading rate of the third generation IC anaerobic reactor can reach 15-30kgcod / m3. IC anaerobic reactor is suitable for organic high concentration waste water, such as corn starch waste water, citric acid waste water, beer waste water, potato processing waste water and alcohol waste water.

I. II. Anaerobic reactor Features
1It has a high volume load rate
When the COD is 10000-15000mg / h, the volume load rate can reach 15-30kgcod / m3.
2Strong impact load resistance
Because IC reactor has realized its own internal circulation, the circulation amount can reach 10-20 times that of influent. Because the circulating water and influent are fully mixed at the bottom of the reactor, the concentration of organic matter at the bottom of the reactor is reduced, so as to improve the impact load resistance of the reactor; at the same time, the large amount of water also expands the sludge at the bottom, ensures the full contact reaction between organic matter in wastewater and microorganisms, and improves the treatment load.

3Good effluent stability

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