Automatic Filter Press

Automatic Filter Press

The automatic filter press is a kind of intermittent pressure filter equipment. The automatic filter press is based on the filter press, and according to the user's different requirements on the degree of automation of the filter, the automatic drawing system, the crankshaft assisted discharging system, single - rod water flushing system, flip - plate grafting system, PLC control system and other auxiliary supporting facilities are added to reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. It is used for solid-liquid separation of various suspension. Its separation effect is good and easy to use. It is suitable for large filtration industries, requiring a high degree of automation or centralized control, filter pressure of 0.6 Mpa. The whole machine adopts the integrated design of the machine, electric and liquid, which can realize automatic pressing, filtering, draining, pressing, loosening and drawing.


The difference between the automatic filter and the normal pressure filter is that it has the automatic pull plate system, automatic hydraulic flip, automatic cleaning and other systems. Making the equipment operation more intelligent automation. The structural design of the whole machine is scientific and reasonable, the mechanical strength is high, the structure is stable, the durability is durable and it is easy to operate and maintain. It has the advantages of high automation, high production capacity, the low liquid rate in filter cake, high production per unit and it covers a small area.

Application scope:

It is widely used in various fields such as oil, chemical, dyestuff, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, paper, coal washing and sewage treatment.
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