Plate And Frame Filter Model And Characteristics

Plate and frame model filter press is very mature dehydration equipment. There are a lot application on sludge dewatering projects in Europe and America. The filter plate and the filter frame are arranged in parallel with each other. The filter cloths are sandwiched between the filter plate and the filter box. The filter plate and the filter frame are pressed with the compression end to form a filter chamber. Sludge go into the feed port, then the water will be discharged through the filter plate filtration. And the mud cake accumulated in the box on the filter cloth. When filter plate and filter box become losses, the mud cake is easy to peel off. The advantage of such filter press machine is simple operation, more solid cake, and wide applicability and so on.

In the choice of filter press model, it is necessary to clearly know the nature of the material they need to filter, and how much material will be filtered per day, including solid rate, the required filter area, the total volume of the filter room, and then refer to the manufacturer's Filter press performance parameters table to select the appropriate filter model, or consult the manufacturer staff, access to professional selection of views.

1. Filter type specifications: 320 type, 450 type, 630 type, 800 type, 920 type, 1000 type, 1250 type, 1500 type, 1600 type, 1500X2000 type, 2000 type and various shaped filter plate and pressure filter plate.

2. Filter area up to 2000m ㎡ (liquid flow in the form of bright flow, undercurrent, washable, unwashable, the feed, the angle feed, the feed on the form of a variety of feed)

3. Filter plate clamping methods are: manual screw compression, electric mechanical compression and hydraulic cylinder compression. For special requirements of the filter press can be designed according to the requirement.

4. Optional automatic pull board, automatic access flap, explosion-proof, program-controlled and other functions.

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