Oil Filter Press Function

The main function of oil filter press is to filter water and solid impurities in oil. The oil filter press is mainly divided into vacuum evaporation filtration and pressure filtration to remove the solid impurities and moisture in the oil. The oil filter press is used to improve the purity of the lubricating oil and to improve the insulation performance of the electrical oil. According to the structure of oil filter press, it is divided into: plate frame type filter, vacuum oil filter, high precision oil filter, centrifugal oil filter and regenerative filter. The oil filter press is divided into: transformer oil filter, anti-fuel oil filter and oil filter.

The general oil filter press function is composed of primary filter, filter unit and oil pump. The primary filter is usually a metal mesh, which prevents the larger particles of solid particles from entering the oil pump. The oil pump is commonly used in gear pump, and the oil is transported into the filter device. The filter device is usually small hand-pressed plate frame filter press, filter paper or filter element as the filter medium. This filter can only remove solid impurities and a small amount of water, it is only applicable to the purification of oil of general electric and lubricating oil. When we need to filter oil containing water and impurities, we need to filter it twice.

The vacuum filter mainly includes primary filter, evaporation tank, oil transfer system, filter device, condenser and vacuum pump. The oil in the atmosphere, through the initial filter into the evaporation tank. When the oil is heated to over 100 degrees, it enters the vacuum pump and becomes a tiny oil droplet. The water in the oil evaporates rapidly into steam, and comes out in the back of the condenser. The remaining water vapor, which is not cooled, is pumped into the atmosphere by a vacuum pump. It is collected at the bottom of evaporation tank, evaporated and dehydrated oil is sent to filter device by oil pump, which can remove solid impurities from oil and further absorb moisture. So the function of vacuum oil filter is better to improve and eliminate the moisture in oil, which is more suitable for the purification of high voltage electric oil.
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