What are the main working steps of the filter press?

What are the working steps of the filter press?

Plate and frame filter press, integrated high-efficiency automatic filter system equipment, has the characteristics of high level of automation, simple operation, large processing capacity, good filtering effect, low labor intensity, and small floor space. It is widely used in environmental protection demanded industries, like sewage sludge process and industrial fine solid-liquid separation industries.

The general working process of a plate and frame filter press is the following four stepsLet us talk about it in detail.

1. Check whether the filter plates of the sludge dewatering filter press are aligned and whether the filter cloths are clean and tidy without wrinkles. If the filter cloth is not clean, it will affect the water permeability of the filter cloth, prolong the time of pressing the mud, and the moisture content will be higher than the normal value. If the filter cloth is not arranged neatly or has folds, the slurry will spray out from the gap when the mud inlet pressure increases.

2. Press the filter plates tightly: press the oil cylinder (or other pressing mechanism) to make the movable plate move to the fixed plate, and press the filter plates tightly between the two. To make sure the adjacent filter plates form a closed filter chamber.

3. Filter press process: The feed pump(namely, the diaphragm pump) transports the slurry to the filter chamber. After it is full, the filter press starts. With the pressure of the pressure pump or compressed air, the solid-liquid separation operation is carried out.

4. Loosen the filter plate: Use the pulling device to pull the filter plates apart according to the set method and the set sequence.

5. Filter plates unloading: After the filter plates are pulled openly by the pulling device, the filter cake will fall off by its own weight and be transported by the lower conveyor.

6. Cleaning the filter cloth: The principle of the filter cloth is to rinse the cloth every time after the mud is discharged, or once a day.

After completing the above steps, a working cycle of the plate and frame filter press has been completed, and the maintenance of the filter press should be paid attention to after use.

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