Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Nowadays, the use of pressure filter is very extensive. For example, filter press products are used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, sugar, mineral processing, food and sewage treatment. Now let's introduce the maintenance methods of the filter press.

Of course, no matter how obvious the advantages of filter press nowadays are, how well its own functions are, as machinery and equipment, maintenance is an essential step. The working efficiency of the filter press can be changed or even influenced by the length of the time and so on. In order to keep the filter press efficient and serve all the major industries, it is necessary to maintain the filter press in daily life.

The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the filter press requires the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic components and the sealing of the joint. At the same time, the operator also needs to check the parts of the drawing board and chain wheel and keep it clean to ensure its flexibility.

The operator of the filter press should be able to carefully check the strength of the structure and the usage of parts of the filter at any time, and inform the maintenance staff once the abnormality is found. If the filter is not used for a long time, the filter plate should be cleaned and discharged neatly on the press frame of the filter press, with a pressure of 1-5 Mpa. After the cloth is cleaned and dried, the exposed part of the piston rod and the integrated block should be covered with butter.

The maintenance of the press filter takes up a little time for the operator. It can be tricky to pay attention to a lot of small details. But we must carefully maintain our pressure filter equipment. It's not just a device, it's an "environmental protector" in our lives.
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