Onsite Pilot And Slurry Testing

Onsite Pilot And Slurry Testing

The operation process of site test:

(1) Press the filter plate
Press the "press tight" button, move the piston rod forward, press the filter plate, reach the calibration limit pressure, and the motor automatically shut down. Press the filter to enter the automatic pressure state.

(2) Feed filtration
Enter the holding state, check the pipeline valves open and closed state. After starting the feed pump, it slowly opens the feed valve, slurry through the feed opening on the thrust plate into the filter chamber. Under the pressure of the pressure filtration, forming a filter cake.

(3) Washing filter plate (It is suitable for UK type washable filter press)
The washing water is filtered through the washing hole into each filter chamber, percolating filter cake layer and washing the filter cake. The washing can further recycle the effective ingredients in the filter cake, or remove the harmful and unnecessary ingredients. If you need to blow up the filter cake, you can get the compressed air from the washing hole and remove some of the water from the filter cake.

(4) Loosen the filter plate
Press the "stop" button, press the indicator light to go out, pressure maintaining is automatically relieved, press the "release" button, the piston return, and the filter plate release. After the piston is back in place, the pressing plate reaches the trip switch and automatically stops, and the return trip ends.

(5) Pull plate to unload cake
Automatic pressure filter press, the strainer will automatically pull out the filter plate, unpack the filter cake, and then it automatically returns to the original position after pulling all the filter plates.

(6) Clean and arrange the filter cloth
After the unloading of the laminates, the residue on the filter cloth must be cleaned and the filter cloth should be rearranged and flat to start the next work cycle. The filter cloth should be cleaned or replaced when the retaining ability of the filter cloth is declining.

Onsite Pilot and Slurry Testing:

The sampling method for water content determination of filter cake:

A. Select three mud pie Nn (n = 1, 2, 3) in different positions on the pressure filter.

B. Set on each cake n near five sampling (m = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, n = 1, 2, 3), and a mud sample was taken at each sampling point near. The formation of the five independent sample Ymn (m = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, n = 1, 2, 3);

C. At each of the five sampling points of each mud cake Nn, Cmn collected mud samples and mixed them to form a mixed sample of the mud cake Nn.

D. The independent samples Ymn of each mudcake Nn were used to measure moisture content and calculate the average moisture content of Mn. Yn6 was used to measure the moisture content of each mud cake Mn and the average water content of Mn combined with the average water content Mn was calculated. The water content of the total mud cake Nn was combined with Mn for calculating the mean value of water content of the mud cake. The test can reduce the error of human factors and accurately reflect the performance of the filter press.
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