Installation, Startup & Commissioning

Installation, Startup & Commissioning

Speaking of filter press, many people are concerned about the installation and commissioning of the filter press. Because the after-sales service personnel provided by the general sales manufacturers need to come across the region to adjust, the time will be delayed, therefore, the timely commissioning and installation of the filter press is the first step of our own. Below we will elaborate on the installation and commissioning of a press filter.

The following points should be paid attention to in the installation and commissioning of the filter press. As long as it is done, we can better operate the filter press:

First: first of all, when the filter press is installed, we must choose the location of its installation, so that the filter press can be installed on the flat concrete ground. In addition, the foot bolts of the feed end need to be fixed with the foot bolt, and the anchor bolts are locked with two nuts. It should be noted that the beam must be kept perpendicular to the thrust plate during the installation.

Second: the installation personnel should design according to the load of the equipment, with holes on the ground and two grouting.

Third: there must be enough operating space around the filter press. Besides, the hydraulic pressure filter press should be placed in the hydraulic station, and it can ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic station.

Fourth: installation and commissioning of pressure filter must be equipped with various installation equipment, and equipped with a filter pressure indicator, which is convenient for real-time observation of the use of pressure filter, and ensure that the filter press operates in normal working range.

Fifth: inject the clean mechanical oil into the tank of the hydraulic station, and control the temperature to - 5 ℃.

Sixth: after the press filter is installed, the power supply test machine is needed. If the pressure filter is running normally, the pressure gauge rises steadily, and the hydraulic system doesn't appear the phenomenon of discharge. It can adjust the pressure according to the size of the machine, check the equipment and facilitate the continued operation of the filter press.
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