Filter Press Application in Sewage Treatment

Filter Press Application in Sewage Treatment

Sludge is the inevitable outcome of sewage treatment in sewage treatment plant. After sludge entering the environment without proper treatment and disposal, it directly brings twice pollution to the water and atmosphere and poses a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities. In the decision of construction of sewage treatment engineering, pressure filter can be used to reduce the investment of the project. The stability of the work is less, the management and control are relatively simple, and the requirements for the quality of the operators are not high. The sludge treatment filter presses machine is now available here.

The domestic sewage treatment plant often chooses the belt filter press and the plate frame type filter press.

1. The belt filter press is less affected by the fluctuation of sludge load, it also has the characteristics of the low water content of mud, less work stability and less consumption, relatively simple management and control, and low-quality requirements for the operators. At the same time, a considerable number of manufacturers have been able to produce this kind of equipment because of the early entry of the belt filter dehydrator. In the decision of the construction of sewage treatment engineering, the belt filter press can be used to reduce the investment of the project. At present, most of the new sewage treatment plants in China adopt the belt filter dehydrator.

2. Compared with other types of the dehydrator, the mud cake has the highest solid content, up to 35%. The plate frame filter press should be the first choice to reduce the occupying factor of the sludge. The movement of the filter plate. The requirement can be completed automatically or semi-automatically through a hydraulic actuating device. The operation is not convenient, the filter cloth oscillates the device so that the filter cake is easy to fall off. Compared with other types of the dehydrator, the biggest drawback of the plate frame filter press is that it takes up a larger area.
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