Filter Press Application in Oil Extraction

Filter Press Application in Oil Extraction

With the development of Shengli oilfield, the high water content has become the main problem for the main oil fields of Shengli oilfield, and the water content in the oil well is up to 95%. This means that the oil produced by the oil well will produce a large amount of sewage containing a very small amount of crude oil after the treatment of the joint station, and it also contains solid waste such as sediment. The direct discharge of such sewage cannot meet the requirements of environmental protection. It must be discharged after multilevel treatment and can be discharged by water injection. The filter press is one of the main equipment of the sewage treatment plant, which is responsible for removing the solid or suspended particles in the sewage. After this step is completed, the next step can be carried out. It directly affects the follow-up effect of sewage treatment. Therefore, the oil filter press function has important significance for reducing the cost of reinjection and environmental protection in the oil field and has important social and economic benefits.

Oil-bearing sludge means that crude oil or refined oil is mixed with soil or other media, in which the oil cannot be recovered directly and may cause a mixture of various forms of environmental pollution. A large amount of mud produced during the process of oil drilling has been caused by improper handling of the surface pollution. Therefore, both from the perspective of environmental protection or energy recovery, it should be treated innocuous with oil sludge. The composition of oily sludge can be roughly divided into water, emulsified oil or adsorption oil, solid foreign body, inorganic salt, etc. The oil sludge is generally stable in water. Its hydration and electrification form a stable dispersion state, which makes it difficult to realize multi-phase separation, thus increasing the difficulty and cost of processing technology. Because of the multiple possibilities of the host oil matrix, the oil sludge composition is extremely complex and the properties are different, so there are various requirements for treatment technology. The pressure filter system developed by our company has a high degree of intellectualization, high speed of separation of mud and high operating rate. At the same time, the pressure filter also adopts the new technology of oil drilling and high-pressure membrane pressure filtration, which can be quickly processed into mud cake in the effective time, and the moisture content is less than 20%.
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