Filter Press Application in Metallurgy

Filter Press Application in Metallurgy

Filter press is widely used in the smelting industry (electrolytic copper, electrolytic zinc, electrolytic manganese, nickel, vanadium and titanium) acid hydrolysis, leaching, anode mud and other sections. In the process of handling, it highlights the characteristics of high automation and fast filtration.

For example, the application of plate frame filter press in zinc smelting.

The smelting of zinc is divided into pyrogenic process and wet process. The filter equipment is often used in the process of zinc hydrometallurgy. The company has given a more advanced process of hot acid leaching of zinc calcined sand.

There are three parts of the process that require the use of plate and frame press.

The filtration of neutral supernatant and zinc after purification is used as a filter press. The filter residue is made up of copper, cadmium and zinc, which is sent to recover cadmium. Hot acid leaching of pulp concentrate can be filtered by plate frame press filter, diaphragm press filter press or filter press, the concentrated liquid solid ratio is about 2.5-4, and the zinc quality fraction in the filtrate is about 20%.

The separation filter after the acid leaching is immersed in iron, with the belt filter, the filter slag is the iron slag, which can be used as the raw material of iron.

For the filtration of zinc leaching slag, a type of Mohr vacuum filter and two-stage disk filter is widely used. The filtrate contains much water, and the filtrate contains zinc. The production efficiency is low, and it is difficult to realize multiple washing and affects the recovery of precious metal in the follow-up process. Therefore, the first section of the plant expansion project leaching slag is changed into the plate frame filter press. After the test and production of the test machine, the water and production capacity of the test machine are ideal. The quality fraction of the filtrate water was 26%-29%. The quality fraction of zinc in the filtrate decreased by 1.59%, and the production capacity reached 170-180 kg, and the filtering effect was better than that of the disk filter. The concentration of zinc in the filtrate can be reduced to 10-15 g/L if the slurry is refilled and the secondary or tertiary countercurrent washing is used. Because the plate frame filter can effectively wash the leaching slag, it can effectively reduce the concentration of zinc in the slurry, so it is beneficial to the extraction of the posterior process. The model is the DZG30/1800 plate frame filter press, the filter area is 30 per square meter, the effective width of the belt is 1800 MM, and the speed of filter belt is 0.5-5 m/MIN.

In addition, there is also high-pressure press plate press filter press at home and abroad to treat the dehydration of zinc leaching residue. The data of zinc leaching residue treated by press filter press of ISD plate frame full automatic pressure filter press in a smelter in Japan are as follows: The concentration of machine underflow pulp concentration is 350-450 G/L, pH value 5.8-6.1, temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius, the filter board size is 1500 MM, the filtration area of 112 square meters, the feed pressure is 0.4 MPA, the press pressure is 2.0 MPA, and the mass fraction of the filtrate is 22%-23.5%.
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