Filter Press Application in Coal Industry

Filter Press Application in Coal Industry

The pressure filter is a vital service for coal separating plant and coal slime plant to recycle and realize closed water circuit, pushing the continuous upgrading for pressure filter so as to immerse a new type one which is high efficiency. As the rapid development of mechanized coal mining technology in China, the coal separating plants have been bigger and bigger, accompanied by the problems including the lowering quality and increasing slime. Thus, the pressure filter which aims at dealing with and checking the black water is set higher requirement.The filter press for medicine industry china are seen everywhere.

1. Fast—open diaphragm press filter was the earliest invention in China which had been put into the market at the end of 20th century, and it was KM type equipment that separated discrete and refractory solid materials from a liquid. Compared with previous common chamber press, its advantages contained:

1.1. It applies multiports to put the materials into the machine whose charging rate is fast and cloth was uniform, leading to a good effect on forming cakes.

1.2. It applies main and multi-cylinder synchronous compression and control technology. The filter plate force is uniform and reasonable, and the edge sealing is good. When there is high pressure, large flow, and fast feed, the materials do not spray.

1.3. It applies unique hydraulic drive, packet opening, and closing, round—link chain to pull open filter plate group and the shedding mechanism of press cloth staggering, realizing fast unloading. It applies secondary diaphragm pressing and dewatering process, and the water filter cake is low.

1.4. The filter flow detection device is developed. The filter chamber is filled well, and the whole process of the pressure filtration system is automated.

2. The basic filter of fast—open filter press is composed of interval placed filter pressure with heat pressing diaphragm and drying plate, which competed for suspension and mechanical filtration of formed cakes in straining chamber. Then it went into heat pressing filtration, drying and water smoking, which means that fluid thermal medium passed through drying plate( steam or heat conduction oil). At the same time, we vacuumed the discharge passage and used diaphragm machine to extrude the filter cake, causing the water of filter cake capillary which was near drying plate to evaporate due to be heated through conduction. The cast iron filter press is available here. The produced steam swelled sharply so as to drive the water of filter cake capillary to represent as the liquid state on the surface of the filter cake. And the water was removed.
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