Filter Press Application in Chemistry

Filter Press Application in Chemistry

The filter press is mainly used in the process flow of various chemical products to recover the solid or purify the liquid.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the market demand of filter press is getting higher and higher, which has promoted the rapid development of filter press. Through the development of recent years, the product performance of the filter press has been greatly improved, and the application scope has been more and more extensive, which has been well applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other fields. However, due to the particularity of chemical industry, the application of filter press in the chemical industry has some technical problems.

In chemical production, the larger tower design of filter press equipment to expand the main problem, because of the pressure filter on both sides of the tower in the nature of each flow and mass transfer is quite complex, and lacks a lot of digital modeling  filter, therefore, the pressure filter has always adopted the old balance model in the production, and there are many shortcomings in the implementation of solid-liquid separation. The chemical and pharmaceutical filter press china are seen everywhere.

Because the filtration operation in the chemical industry is more complicated, it requires the filter press to have higher product performance. The pressure filter is insufficient in chemical reaction and extraction, and there is not enough database. Moreover, it is difficult to accurately determine the data of the pressure filter balance model and the diffusion data of the molecules under the system of high temperature, high-pressure intensity, and unsatisfactory grouping. It is also difficult to obtain detailed parameters on the cotton knot and viscosity of the filter.

Although the technology developed by the filter has been well applied in chemical industry, it is far from enough to meet the demands of chemical industry. Therefore, pressure filter enterprises should actively increase the investment in science and technology, and realize product upgrade and transformation, and better meet the production demand. Through the above analysis, it can be seen that there are some technical problems in the application of filter press in the chemical industry. This requires the enterprises to overcome the shortcomings of the application and upgrade the filter press according to the production demand. At the same time, the government should increase the capital investment and talent delivery of the filter press industry, and better realize the stable development of the filter press industry.
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