Filter Press Application in Ceramic Clay

Filter Press Application in Ceramic Clay

The ceramic filter press can automatically remove the filter cake to reduce labor, reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency. Buy ceramic filter press is an easy thing here.
  • High quality modified polypropylene filter material for special formula, processed by special CNC equipment after one molded molding, its surface is flat, so that the filter is not leaking during the filtration process;
  • The ceramic filter press machine adopts the variable section design, the filter structure is the plum flower shape conical polka dot structure, it can effectively reduce the filter resistance, the filtration speed is fast, the filtrate is smooth;
  • Enhanced polypropylene filter plate with high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic and tasteless;
  • The main frame of the ceramic filter press china is welded with high-quality steel to support the pressure of filter cake weight and pressure filter.
  • The hydraulic device is used as the power device for pressing and loosening the filter plate. The maximum pressure is 25 MPa, the automatic voltage control function of the filter plate is realized by the electric contact pressure gauge.
  • Automatic pull plate, programmable control automatic drawing board with the electrical system or PLC, realizing the automatic movement of push filter plate, which can effectively reduce the working strength of the equipment operator. The drawing mechanism is the lower structure, with less space, simple maintenance and reasonable structure.
  • The clay filter press machine pressure with the maximum pressure of 1.6 MPa can be selected to ensure the best condition for forming the filter cake to carry out pressure filtration.
  • The operation of the equipment is simple, safe and efficient. The operation button on the control board of the electrical appliance is used to realize the required action, and the safety device is equipped to ensure the safety of the equipment operator. The ceramic filter press factory use the high-tech now.
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