Manual Filter Press

Manual Filter Press

The manual filter press is a kind of intermittent pressurized filter equipment, which is used for solid-liquid separation of various suspending liquid. It has good separation effect and easy to use. It is widely used in various fields, such as oil, chemical, dyestuff, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, paper and sewage treatment. It is suitable for small filtration industry, generally using low pressure and the filter pressure is less than 0.4 Mpa.


The filter press is mainly composed of three parts, that is, the frame part, the filter part and the compacting device. When the filter press works, whirling the handwheel, it drives the screw to push the tight plate through the small tooth fainted, the big gear. Then press the filter and filter medium between the compaction plate and the thrust plate so as to ensure the pressure of the filtered material (slurry) in the filter chamber for pressure filtration.

(1) frame part: the frame is the foundation of the filter press, which is used to support the filter mechanism and to connect the other parts. It is mainly composed of a thrust plate, a pressing plate, a pressing part and the main beam.

(2) filtering part: it is made up of filter plates arranged in a certain order on the main girder and filter medium (filter cloth) sandwiched between filter plates, forming a filter unit (filter room).

(3) a pressing part: it is the power device of filter press, the main components of the gear, faint, with a small screw. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the performance is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. It has a wide range of application and is an ideal equipment for separating suspension.


Compared with hydraulic filter press and other filter press, manual filter press is very cheap. And the general manual filter press is small and exquisite, with less land occupation, convenient for transferring and transportation, and also for maintenance. The efficiency is low and the cost of use is saved. The manual filter press is one of the classifications of pressure sources of the filter press. The pressure of the equipment on the mixed liquid is mainly from the labor. Through the lever principle and the gear drive principle, it can provide short time external force for the equipment to meet the needs of the equipment. From the filter structure, the principle still has no fundamental change to the later hydraulic pressure filter and the mechanical filter press. The pressure difference between the two sides of the medium is formed by pressure on the liquid, which forms effective pressure difference. Such external force conditions provide a flow force for the liquid in the mixture, making the liquid out of the medium. In this way, the effect of solid-liquid separation is achieved.
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