Hydraulic Pressure Filter

Hydraulic Pressure Filter

The hydraulic pressure filter is a kind of intermittent pressurized filter equipment, which is used for solid-liquid separation of various suspending liquid. It has good separation effect and easy to use. The hydraulic pressure filter is mainly composed of four parts, that is, the frame part, the filter part, the hydraulic and electrical control part. When the filter press works, the piston in the oil cylinder pushes the pressing plate to compress the filter plate and filter medium between the pressing plate and the thrust plate, so as to ensure that the filtered material (slurry) with working pressure is pressurized and filtered in the filter room. The pressure source of the hydraulic press filter is supplied by the hydraulic pump of the equipment, which is the source of its name.

The biggest advantage of hydraulic pressure filter is that it can automatically keep pressure. And the pressure is greater than manual and mechanical pressure, which ensures that the filter function is better and more used in all walks of life.

All in all, hydraulic pressure filter has several advantages:

A. The pressure of hydraulic pressure filter press can reach up to 1 MB when filtration, and it can reach 25 mpa when pressed. The filter efficiency is increased and the filter cake is reduced.

B. The control pressure gauge automatically controls the opening and closing of the hydraulic oil, so that the hydraulic pressure filter can be operated automatically. This ensures that the filter function of the filter press is good, and makes the performance of the filter press more stable.

C. Hydraulic pressure filter machine can work normally in the environment between -5 C and ~120 ℃. This makes the filter press more suitable for a variety of complex and abominable environments and increases the applicability of the filter press.

D. In terms of energy saving, the hydraulic pressure filter is more energy efficient, reducing the cost of the filter press.

The scope of use:

Hydraulic press filters are widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, dyestuff, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, paper making, coal washing and sewage treatment. In particular, it will take up more than 40% of the filter press used in the wastewater in the future.
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