Filter Plates

Filter Plates

As a professional filter press plates' manufacturer, Golden Triumph Group Co., ltd can produce different material filter plates used in different types filter press. Mainly the plate material includes reinforced polypropylene filter press plate, glass fiber polypropylene filter plate, rubber membrane filter plate, polypropylene membrane filter plate, cast iron filter press plate, steel filter plates and etc. And there are different feeding modes of filter plate including middle feeding, corner feeding, upper and middle feeding. The customer can choose the suitable material press plates for the plate filter according to their requirements in the production process. Also Golden Triumph Group can produce the custom filter plate according to clients' special requirements.

To guarantee the quality of filter plates, Golden Triumph Group use 100% pure raw material. Through the mould press equipments, the filter plate will be formed once. After shaping and further processing, our workers will check each detail of press plates carefully to make sure there are no defects. At the same time, Golden Triumph Group has advanced equipment to test the strength of filter plates. Through the strict quality control from raw material to the end of production, Golden Triumph Group can guarantee the high quality filter plate for sale. GT brand filter plate has the advantage of higher strength, anti-corrosion and long time use. Equipped with GT brand filter plates, the filter press machine will have a good and stable plate press performance. With good quality and reasonable price, GT filter plates are always on hot sale.

To be the best filter press plate manufacture, Golden Triumph Group will always make technology innovation and improve workers' technical ability.

  • Recessed Filter PlatesRecessed Filter PlatesApril 25, 2017Golden Triumph can supply high quality recessed filter plates to the customers. With 100% raw material, advanced technology and strict quality inspection, we can guarantee the high quality of recessed plates.  Recessed plate filter press has a good performance of material process and filtration. According to customer’s requirement, we can design any shape of recessed filter plates.view
  • Membrane Filter Plates And Filter MembranesMembrane Filter Plates And Filter MembranesApril 25, 2017Membrane filter plates is better than the common filter plate, since there is two pieces elastic membrane assembled at the side of the plates. During operation, the liquid material poured into the membrane plates, the membrane will expand to press the filter cake, and then the filter cake can be further pressed to be dehydration. With filter membrane plates, the filter cake water content can be largely reduced by 60%.view
  • Polypropylene Filter PlatesPolypropylene Filter PlatesApril 25, 2017Polypropylene Filter Plate is a popular filter plates with customers. The Polypropylene Filter Plates includes glass fiber polypropylene plates, modified polypropylene plates and enhanced polypropylene plates. As a professional filter press plate’s manufacturer, Golden Triumph can produce different size polypropylene filter plates for sale. Because of the performance difference, different polypropylene plate’s types will have different price.view
  • Plate And Frame Filter PlatesPlate And Frame Filter PlatesApril 25, 2017Plate and Frame Filter Plates is a popular type filter plates used in filter press. This type filter plate is composed by two parts including plate and frame parts. These two parts assembled together with filter cloth to achieve plate and frame filtration process. And the filtration result with this kind of filtration plates is good. Plate and frame filtration press machine can be widely in different industries.view
  • Chamber Filter PlatesChamber Filter PlatesApril 25, 2017Chamber Filter Plates is widely used in filter press filtration part. There will be chamber room formed between plates during filtration process.  The chamber press filter plates can be made by different material quality. Most People use PP quality filter plates. For high temperatures material, some people use Cast Iron quality. According to the customer’s requirement, Golden Triumph will recommend the suitable chamber plates to the customers.view
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