Filter Cloth

Filter Cloth

Filter Cloth is the important part of filter press. The filte press cloth plays the role of core function of separation process. As a professinal filter press supplier,Golden Triumph Group Co.,ltd only produce high quality industrial filter cloth to be used in the filter press. According to different filter materials properties, we can produce the following quality: polyester filter cloth,polypropylene filter cloth,nylon filter press cloth and other industrial filter cloth.

The quality of filter press cloth will affect the filtration efficiency and filtration result of the filter press machine.The unique properties of the filter cloth medium can only let the objects smaller than the pore size on the filter cloth pass through the filter press cloth. When the pore size of the filter cloth is larger than the volume diameter of the solid particles to be filtered, the solid can also pass through the filter cloth, thus the filtered liquid also contains a large amount of solid Particles, which will not have a good result of separation of filter press. The pp filter press cloth function features many aspects. And in the operation of the filter press, when the filter cloth pore size is less than necessary, many of the liquid will be stopped at one side of the filter cloth and can not pass through the filter media,which will reduce the filtration processing capacity of the filter press machine.So firstly Golden Triumph Group will make sure of the proper pore size of filter cloth to build a base for good seperation and filtration.

Besides,the industrial filter cloth mesh requirement and filter press patten lines will also affect the filter press working performance. Golden Triumph Group will give the suggestion to the clients to choose the suitable filter press cloth.

To be the best filter press cloth manufacturer, we will not only provide the good quality filter cloth, but also provide good service and advice to help customers get the best filtration result.

  • Polyester Filter ClothPolyester Filter ClothApril 25, 2017Polyester filter cloth is the cloth which is made of polyester material. Polyester cloth is divided into long fiber and short fiber cloth. With its special feature of strong abrasive resistance, the polyester filter fabric is also widely used in many industries as a necessary part in filter press. view
  • Nylon Filter ClothNylon Filter ClothApril 25, 2017Nylon filter cloth is a high strength filter cloth for filter press machine. Its function is to filtering the solid stuff from liquid material by its extensive nylon filter cloth mesh. It is an essential wearing parts for nylon cloth filter which is widely used for filtering solids from liquids in chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries. view
  • Polypropylene Filter ClothPolypropylene Filter ClothApril 25, 2017Polypropylene filter cloth is a kind of filter cloth with good acid and alkali resistance. Polypropylene filter cloth is also called polypropylene filter fabric, with good chemical stability and strong strength, elongation and abrasion resistance, the Polypropylene cloth is widely used in chemical, ceramic, metallurgy industries, and is provided by Polypropylene filter cloth suppliers for the filter press machine. view
  • PVA Filter ClothPVA Filter ClothApril 25, 2017PVA filter cloth is an industry product, which is used in ceramic, rubber and other industries. With strong alkali resistance, good wearing resistance, and strong corrosion resistance features, the polyvinyl alcohol filter cloth is widely used in many industries and is a necessary part in filter press. view
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  • Filter Cloth Filter Cloth is the important part of filter press. The filte press cloth plays the role of core function of separation process. As a professinal filter press supplier,Golden Triumph Group Co.,ltd onl... Filter Cloth
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