Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press
Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press

Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press

Introduction of Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press:

Printing and dyeing wastewater filter press is manufactured by Golden Triumph Group company which is specializing in the production of all kinds of filter press. It can give a solid and liquid separation, easy to operate, stable operation. The frame of the press filter is composed of a machine frame, a pressing plate, a thrust plate and a main beam. Printing dyeing industrial Filter Manufacturing is learning advanced technology from Germany and the United States, Japan, France and other countries in the design.  The pressure plate, thrust plate, and other filter press parts material selection of quality board, has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high hardness, high tensile strength, good impact resistance, the overpressure test, safety coefficient up to 2.2 times, can be used to ensure the safety and stability. The hydraulic system of reasonable structure design, advanced structure, the whole assembly process is completed in the constant temperature dust-free workshop. The main function of the hydraulic system is to completing the automatic order cylinder pressing, automatic packing, automatic compensation, automatic release, moving back in place of stop action. The hydraulic system is reliable and easy to maintain. Viewed on filter press specification, printing and dyeing sludge treatment equipment, or the printing dyeing filter press has a variety of models of processing capacity from 1t to 100t. We can recommend appropriate models according to customer production and requirements.

Advantage of Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press:

1.High Efficiency
Printing and dyeing filter press runs efficiently, each treatment cycle is only 30 minutes, a single sludge treatment equipment can meet the needs of large output printing and dyeing sludge treatment.
2. Perfect dehydration performance
A full complete sludge dewatering function, and rapid separation of sludge from water, which give s the filter press a high performance. The treatment of printing and dyeing sludge treatment equipment has a super high pressure, so that the printing and dyeing sludge reduction of 90%, the maximum separation of sludge, so that the printing and dyeing sludge water to achieve the recovery of 60%.
3. High degree of automation.
With fully automatic mode of operation, the filter press can improve the efficiency more than 40%, and reduce the labor cost, which causes a substantial reduction in human resources and reduces sludge treatment errors
4. Environmental friendly treatment
After treatment, the water content of the mud cake is low, the output water quality can reach the national standard, and can be reused for the printing and dyeing enterprises to save water cost.

Before the client decides to buy the machine, Golden Triumph will help the client to choose most suitable model for their use. And we will send engineers to help the customers build the plate frame filter press system at site. During using, we will provide 24 hours telephone service for solving any problem the customer may have.

Application of Printing And Dyeing Industry Filter Press:

Printing and dyeing filter press can be used within large-scale printing and dyeing mill, textile factory, garment factory, denim production factory and other enterprises for dewatering treatment from the sluge.
To be the superior Printing and dyeing filter press manufacturer, Golden Triumph will always make innovation and continuous improvement to better serve for customers. Our belief is “To serve our client satisfactorily”

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