Pharmaceutical Industry Filter Press
Pharmaceutical Industry Filter Press

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Industry Filter Press:

Pharmaceutical filter press is used for water treatment in pharmaceutical industry . Pharmaceutical water quality is influences the quality of drugs .The filter press can remove the suspended solids , colloid , silt , clay and humus content in the water, increase the water purity , to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality, and the filter press can be use to separate the dregs of decoction to get the purity medical liquid. So the filter is a very important machine in the pharmaceutical industry.
In General , the pharmaceutical filter press is made by 304 stainless steel to ensure clean and safe.The pharmaceutical filter press factory is also available.
Golden Triumph Group as the professional filter press manufacture , we can according to customers order to customize the high quality filter press.


1. Pharmaceutical filter press have compact structure , reasonable size. The machine is easy installation and operation.
2. This filter press with high filtration precision ,suitable for any tiny particles or suspended solids.
3. Filter press capacity is high , high filter efficiency. The pharmaceutical filter press price is reasonable.
4. This type filter press clean and safe ,suitable for pharmaceutical industry.
5. This machine with competitive price and high quality.
Because we are factory directly sale , our purpose is small profits but quick turnover .We also offer small profits but quick turnover precision filter. So we can promise ,the filter press price we supply is lowest base on our best quality . To help the widely customers save cost.


Pharmaceutical filter press applications is a little limited , this machine is use to filter the water or use to separate the dregs of a decoction in pharmaceutical industry.such as produce the oral liquid will need this machine. There is filter press for medicine industry in China. This type filter mainly made by 304stainless steel ,clean and safe , it’s popular among general pharmaceutical factory .

Golden Triumph Group are sincerely invite you to discuss the issues relating to filter press , any question about our machine or our company ,please don’t hesitate contact with us .
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