Mining Filter Press
Mining Filter Press

Introduction of Mining Filter Press:

Mining filter press is widely use to filter water from ore concentrates and tailings in metal smelting industry . Especially very good for tailings dry discharge. Press filter machine used to tailing dry discharge field ,can reduce the pollution of the environment ,save the tailings warehouse build invest, promote the recycling of water . This machine can help the customers to save cost . And this press filter machine widely used to washing coal in coal mine .Greatly improve the coal quality . It’s popular with the customers in abroad.

Advantage of Mining Filter Press:

1. Using this mining filter press ,the filter cake water content is low .
2. This filter press with high degree of automation , low energy consumption.
3. This machine with high speed slurry feeding speed , hig capacity ,high water recycle rate.
4.The filter press with high pressure ,and stable compression .
5. This press filter machine use PP filter plate , with light machine weight , can save transport cost .
6. GT group as professional filter machine supplier ,we just supply the best quality , best price machine.

Application of Mining Filter Press:

Mining filter machine is widely used in metal smelting industry and coal mine . With the reduce of the mineral resources and improve of the environmental protection awareness . The demand for high efficiency filter press is more and more intense. Mining filter press can reduce the water content in filter cake ,it’s not only can improve the metal recycle rate , but also can save the tailings storage cost and reduce the customer cost invest . Many kinds of metal smelting enterprise need this filter press ,such as : gold mine ,silver mine , copper mine ,iron mine , Zinc mine , Nickel mine etc . At the same time , this mining filter press for coal washing is still very important . The huge of the sediment in coal need the filter press to washing clean and improve the coal using value.
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