Industrial Wastewater Treatment Filter Press
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Filter Press

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Filter Press

Wastewater filter press divides into van type sewage treatment filter press, plate and frame filter press, belt type filter press, vertical filter press, diaphragm press filter press, etc. Belt condenser and dewatering machine is a common filtering and separating equipment for sludge, chemical and environmental protection.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Filter Press is composed by three parts:

1. Waste water filter frame

The frame is the basic component for filter. It is thrust plate and clamping plate in both ends, and with beam connecting to the plates. The beam is used for supporting the filter plate, filter frame and clamping plate. In order to meet the high sanitation requirement, the frame needs to be packed with stainless steel.
  • A. Thrusting Plate: It is connected with the other side of filter press. In the middle of the thrusting plate there are four holes. With upper two holes, the function is for washing liquid and compress air inlet, while with bottom two holes is for liquid and air outlet.(for invisible structure it also is filtering liquid outlet.)
  • B. Clamping plate: It is used for clamping the filter frame, with both sides of rolling wheel for supporting the clamping plate moving on the beam.
  • C.Beam: It is a load-bearing component, the material for making it can be hard PVC, PP, Stainless steel coating or innovate anti-rusting coating according to different environment requirement.

2. Clamping Structure.
Manual clamping, Mechanical Clamping, Hydraulic Clamping.
  • A. Manual clamping: It is the one for using screw type mechanical jack to push the clamping plate for clamping.
  • B. Mechanical Clamping: The clamping structure is composed by motor reducer, gear, screw rod and nut. When clamping, the motor rotate clockwise, with transmission for the reducer, gear to drive the screw rod rotating in the fixed nut, then to push the clamping plate together. With the clamping force bigger, the motor load electricity is higher until It reaches to the preset current value protected by protector, then the electricity will be shut down. When regress back, the motor rotate in anticlockwise way, the pressing block on pressing plate touch the limit switch to regress and stop.
  • C. Hydraulic pressing: Hydraulic pressing structure is composed of hydraulic station, cylinder, piston, piston rod and clamping plate. The hydraulic station is composed of motor, oil pump, Relief valve (regulating pressure), reversing valve, pressure gauge, oil circuit, fuel tank. Filter press wastewater treatment works like this way, when hydraulic pressing, the hydraulic station supply high pressure oil, the cylinder and piston component space is filled with hydraulic oil, when the pressure is bigger than the friction force of clamping plate, the clamping plate will slowly press the plate, and when the pressure reaches to the preset pressure value in relief valve(indicated by pressure gauge), the filter plate, filter frame, or plate filt will be clamped, then the relief valve starts to releasing the pressure, and the power is shut down, the clamping move is finished. When regress, the relief valve turn the direction, hydraulic oil starts to enter into the cylinder cavity, when the pressure overcome the clamping plate friction, the clamping plate then starts to regress. When hydraulic pressure is auto pressure preserving state, the clamping force is controlled by electric connecting point, the pressure shall be set for its positive and negative limit in the gauge. When pressure reaches to the positive limit, power is shut down, oil pump stops working, while the pressure reaches to its negative limit the power is reconnected and oil pump starts working, which circulates the operation to make the filtering material being clamped well during the working.

3. Industrial wastewater treatment equipment filtering structure.

The filter structure is composed of filter plate, filter frame, filter cloth and Press diaphragm. The base plate of diaphragm is packed by rubber membrane, the outside of diaphragm is packed with filter cloth. The material will enter into each filter chamber from inlet hole of thrusting plate, the solid particle size is bigger than the filter cloth mesh and is left to the chamber, while the filtering liquid is discharged from the bottom of filter plate. If the filtering cake is needed to dry, then the compress air or steam can be used from the inlet hole to take away the water content in cake so as to lower down the water content rate except the diaphragm pressing.

(1).Wastewater treatment press filters has two ways for discharging the filtering liquid, which is free flow filter and undercurrent filter.
  • A.Free flow filter: the bottom outlet in each filter plate is equipped with water mouth, from which the filtering liquid can be discharged.
  • B.Undercurrent filter: A liquid outlet channel hole is arranged at the lower part of each filter plate, and a liquid outlet channel of a plurality of filter plates is provided with a liquid outlet passage which is discharged by a pipeline connected with a liquid outlet hole under the thrust plate.
(2). the washing way for filter cake is classified two types, single direction and double direction.
  • A. Free flow single direction: the washing liquid enters into the inlet hole from thrusting plate, and go through the filter cloth, and flow away from Nonporous filter plate, the water mouth of porous filter plate is close status while the water mouth of nonporous  filter plate is open status
  • B.Free flow double direction, washing liquid enters into the inlet from both upper sides of thrusting plate, the washing liquid is washing from one side, and then from another side.
  • C.Undercurrent single direction,  the washing liquid enters into the porous plate from thrusting plate inlet sequentially, and go through the filter cloth and filter cake, and then discharge from nonporous plate.
  • D.Undercurrent double direction, The lotion is washed two times from the two washings on both sides of the stop plate, That is, washing first wash from one side, and then wash from the other side, the outlet of the washing liquid is diagonal, so it is called "undercurrent", "two-way cross washing".
(3) Filter cloth: The cloth is a main filter media, the selection and use of the cloth, it plays a decisive role in the filtering effect, selected according to the pH value of the filter materials, solid particle size and other factors using suitable filter material and pore size to ensure that the filtration of low cost and high filtration efficiency, when in use, to ensure the smooth and not cloth a clear aperture.
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