Chemical Industry Filter Press
Chemical Industry Filter Press

Introduction of Chemical Industry Filter Press:

Golden Triumph Group is specialized in making chemical industry filter press for many years in China. Chemical industry filter press is a common used equipment of solid-liquid separation. There are several types of filters in chemical industry. The respective types of chemical filter press are chamber filter press, diaphragm filter press, plate and frame filter press. Chemical filter press plays an important role in the field of chemical industry; it is widely used in the city sewage treatment plant, pharmaceutical, electroplating, paper, leather, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, chemical industry, food processing wastewater, slaughter, brewing and environmental protection projects. Filter press working principle is as follows: The liquid suspension is pumped into the each closed press chamber in the filter press, under the working pressure, the filtration liquid is discharged from the outlet pipe after passing through the membrane or other filtering material, and then the filter residue is kept in the chamber to form a filter cake, so as to achieve solid-liquid separation. From the chemical filter working extent, Chemical filter press can also be called chemical wastewater filter press or Chemical sewage filter press.

Advantage of Chemical Industry Filter Press:

1.High level filtering effect

After processed by chemical filter press, the water content in the chemical slurry could lower to 20-30%.

2. Great Sealing effect

All sealing parts in chemical filter press is made by Silicone rubber, fluorine rubber. No-leakage

3. Stable Working

It is applied with good parts and device in the filter press, which give an easy and convenient system operation and stable working performance.

4. Environmental protection

The chemical industry filter plate is using scientific treatment process, after treatment sludge dehydration rate reaches to the national standards

Application of Chemical Industry Filter Press:

Chemical industry filter press is produced by Golden Triumph Group Company, which is widely used for dewatering function for the following substances such as: Dyes, pigments, caustic soda, a chlorine monitoring mud, silica, saponin, graphite, bleaching powder, leador powder, fluorescent powder, insurance powder, acid powder, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric hydroxide, water purification agent (aluminum sulfate, poly aluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride) etc.

To be the outstanding ceramic filter producer, Golden Triumph will always provide good service for their customers with our variation quality products.
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