Industrial Filter Press

Industrial Filter Press

As a professional industrial filter press manufacturer, Golden Triumph Group has supplied different press filter products to many industries. Mainly the industrial filter press machine can be used in the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Textile, Printing and dyeing, Foodstuff, metallurgical, Sugar making, Ceramic, Chemical, and mining industry. For those industrial filter press users, it’s very important to choose the most suitable type filter press according to their materials. The filter press for medicine industry china is involved in many fields. Now there are more than 250 China filter press manufacturers. The quality of press filters is different. It’s better for the clients to compare different manufactures’ filter press production technique, raw material and quality control press to make sure the clients will choose a good supplier. Golden Triumph Group has more 25 years experience for producing industrial filter press. With advanced technology, good quality raw material, strict production management and quality control, Golden Triumph Group can promise the customers with high quality industrial filter press. Any demand and questions about industrial filter press, please feel free to contact us. 
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Filter PressIndustrial Wastewater Treatment Filter PressApril 25, 2017Wastewater filter press divides into van type sewage treatment filter press, plate and frame filter press, belt type filter press, vertical filter press, diaphragm press filter press, etc. Belt condenser and dewatering machine is a common filtering and separating equipment for sludge, chemical and environmental protection.view
  • Sludge Treatment Filter PressSludge Treatment Filter PressApril 25, 2017Water sludge by sludge pump conveying to the sludge mixing tank, adding coagulant for mixing reaction, and then into the belt type sludge cloth pressing mud cleaner, sludge evenly to gravity dewatering zone, and the mud rake two-way grooming and gravity, with the mobile sludge dewatering belt filter, rapid removal of free water sludge. Because the gravity dewatering zone is designed for a long time, the maximum gravity dewatering is achieved.view
  • Mining Filter PressMining Filter PressApril 25, 2017Mining filter press is widely use to filter water from ore concentrates and tailings in metal smelting industry . Especially very good for tailings dry discharge. Press filter machine used to tailing dry discharge field ,can reduce the pollution of the environment ,save the tailings warehouse build invest, promote the recycling of water . This machine can help the customers to save cost . And this press filter machine widely used to washing coal in coal mine .Greatly improve the coal quality . It’s popular with the customers in abroad. view
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Filter PressPharmaceutical Industry Filter PressApril 25, 2017Pharmaceutical filter press is used for water treatment in pharmaceutical industry . Pharmaceutical water quality is influences the quality of drugs .The filter press can remove the suspended solids , colloid , silt , clay and humus content in the water, increase the water purity , to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality, and the filter press can be use to separate the dregs of decoction to get the purity medical liquid. So the filter is a very important machine in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Textile Industry Filter PressTextile Industry Filter PressApril 25, 2017Textile industry filter press is widely use to filtration of the sludge water in textile and printing industry.Textile industry is a highly polluting industry . Textile waste water is contains a lot of dyestuff , starch , cellulose ,lignin, detergents and other organic matter ,and inorganic substances such as alkali ,sulfide ,many kinds of salty ,waste water directly discharge the polluting is very strong. Industrial water filter can help to improve the filter water cycle using rate and reduce the sludge storage area.view
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  • Industrial Filter Press As a professional industrial filter press manufacturer, Golden Triumph Group has supplied different press filter products to many industries. Mainly the industrial filter press machine can be used in ... Industrial Filter Press
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