Filter Press Machines

Filter Press Machines

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Filter Press Machine Introduction:
Filter Press Machine is equipment which make pressure on the filtration material to get solid-liquid separation. With the advantage of simple structure, convenient operation and good filtration performance, filter press machines are widely used in sludge dewatering treatment of chemistry, pharmacy, petroleum, mining, metallurgy, foodstuff, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, and other industries.
For different usage, there will be different filter press types.

According to the filtration methods, it has the category of chamber filter press, plate and frame filter press, belt filter press, membrane filter press and vertical type press filter. Each type press filter has its own advantage. People can choose the suitable type filter press machine based on their material. For example, the sludge filter press usually adopts plate and frame filter press. And Membrane filter press is upgraded chamber filter press machine for sludge treatment.

According to the pressure supplying methods, there are the following filter press types: automatic filter press, hydraulic filter press, and manual filter press machine. The filter press price is different for different filtration types.

As a professional filter press manufacturer, we will provide the customers with the suitable type filter press machine according to the filtration material. To be the better filter press supplier, we will always focus on developing new and high quality filter press for sale. Just let us know your requirement, we will make you satisfied.

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  • Automatic Filter PressAutomatic Filter PressApril 25, 2017Automatic filter press is a kind of advanced filter equipment for a variety of suspension solid-liquid separation, separation effect is good,easy operation, suitable for large -scale filtrntion industry. Automatic filter suitable for the field they requiring a high degree of automation or centralized control, filtration pressure around 0.6Mpa. This kind of filter press is designed and manufactured principle is main machine, electric control, liquid discharge integration. view
  • Hydraulic Filter PressHydraulic Filter PressApril 25, 2017Hydraulic filter press is an intermittent press filter device .This machine consist of frame part , filter section ,hydraulic device and electrical control section .When the filter press in operation , the piston in the cylinder push the pressing plate .The filter plate and filter cloth between pressing plate and thrust plate is be pressed tight,ensure the slurry in the filter chamber can be fully press and filtration. Filter press hydraulic system is consists of a hydraulic station, a cylinder , a piston ,a piston rod etc. view
  • Jack Type Filter PressJack Type Filter PressApril 25, 2017Jack type filter press is a kind of hand operation filter press .The filter is consists of three parts ,namely:machine frame part, filter part , compression device. When the filter press operating , turn the hand wheel , through the small gear ,big gear to drive the screw bar to push the press plate to pressing tight the filter plate and filter cloth between the press plate and thrust plate . Ensure the slurry in chamber can be fully press . view
  • Stainless Filter PressStainless Filter PressApril 25, 2017Stainless steel filter press is the filter machine made by SUS201, SUS304, SUS316. The stainless filter with many types. Such as frame and plate types, belt types , vertical frame types etc . The frame and plate types have two different. One is fully stainless steel , another is structure is made by stainless steel ,the filter plate is made by PP. The plate and frame filter press operation principle is suspension into the filter chamber with feeding pump.view
  • Cast Iron Filter PressCast Iron Filter PressApril 25, 2017Cast iron filter press is made by high quality cast iron or ductile iron .This kind of filter press is suitable for high temperature raw materials . The cast iron filter plate with high strength , can bear high pressure , with long using life. Cast iron filter press with two types ,one is plate and frame type ,the other is chamber type. Cast iron filter press compression method with hydraulic compression , manual compression , mechanical compression , automatic pull plate hydraulic compression and jack compression. 
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