The Notes Of Filter Press Operation In Spring

The Notes Of Filter Press Operation In Spring

Spring already came, all things are recovering, and the temperature is becoming warmer, the worker should pay attention to the use of filter press. In fact, many enterprises in order to achieve the maximum benefits, involving the use of filter press problems, tend to pay more attention to the efficiency of manufacturing and can bring the economic effects, while ignoring how to properly regulate the use of filter press Equipment problems. But only the rational use of the filter press can make the filter press play its role to the best. Golden Triumph will make the following points about how to use the filter press in spring.

In spring, the temperatures will be slowly increasing. And the temperature difference between day and night is big, so it is easy to cause the filter press not to adapt to the condition quickly. So the enterprises should have the first step "warm-up period" after each stop .Firstly opening all the equipment, but do not make the pressure of the filter room too big, to gradually increase the pressure of the filter chamber to maintain a low pressure state for a few minutes, and then start the feed valve Feeding. After a few minutes of work, continue to increase the pressure of the filter press chamber to achieve the standard pressure at work. The purpose of the above is to stop the possible damage on filter press when the machine stopped working, and then start working again, since the machine will not be adapted to the changing working environment in short time. And because the spring is often more rainy days, resulting in a relatively large air humidity situation is relatively common, which has a very large impact on the filter press line, so always keep the equipment line dry, to prevent the air to cause short circuit and more serious failure problem.

In addition, especially in the early spring season, each time you restart the machine to see whether the hydraulic oil was frozen, if there is such a phenomenon to be timely heating treatment, good recovery of hydraulic fluid normal flow performance.

Filter Press Operation

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