Oil Filter Press Function

Oil Filter Press Function

The oil filter is mainly used for the regenerative decolorization and reduction of waste internal combustion engine oil, engine oil and mineral waste oil. The device can effectively separate water, gas, carbon particles, deep oxide, free carbon, colloid, asphalt and petroleum wax. It can make black oil transparent and golden. The equipment has the function of dehydration, degassing and decolorization. It can improve oil performance, restore oil performance and reduce wear, which can ensure that the equipment can work and safety, prolong the life of equipment and oil.

Technical features of the oil filter press function:

(1) it uses special chemical reagents to eliminate the charge polarity of petroleum ions, separate oil ions from them and eliminate colloids, bitumen and other compounds.

(2) the natural gas treatment device is combined with the air filter and the vacuum degassing, and the odor and water are removed by dehydration.

(3) the use of stainless steel mesh in the closed filter system is reliable without any pollution. Continuous production can be achieved by two filter units.

(4) vacuum degassing, dehydration and removal of particles can effectively improve the fuel performance and restore the appearance of the oil.

(5) the structure is compact and the layout is suitable for small space and large output.

(6) German imported electrical components (such as SIEMENS, Schneider), good performance, it is safe and reliable.
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