New Year Greetings

New Year Greetings

On December 30, 2016, the annual company meeting was held in the company staff activities center. Company leaders and employees gathered together to wait for the arrival of 2017.

Chengzhijun, general manager of the company, firstly made the New Year greetings to everyone. Mr. Cheng summed up the achievements of the company over the past year and expressed his gratitude e to all the staff for their efforts in the development of the company. He put forward the goal of the company's development in 2017 and expressed greetings and blessing to all employees.

New Year greetings
New Year Greetingsannual company meeting

Subsequently, the company's deputy general manager Zhang donglei read the "decision on the recognition of advanced workers," called on all the staff to learn from them, learn their duties in their respective positions due diligence, hard working, especially the small self-care spirit in the team! Mr. Cheng, general manager of the company, chief engineer Lu Ying and deputy general manager Hu Guojun awarded outstanding employees certificates and prizes, and encourage them as a new starting point to keep making progress and create greater glories. At the same time hope that all other staff to learn from them and build a better tomorrow.

Brilliant 2016 years passed, full of hope and challenge 2017 quietly coming. In the past year we have been smiling, too hard, but also harvested, in the face of 2017, we are full of longing, passion, let us together with confidence and courage, strutting, to write a more brilliant future. In 2017 we will improve to provide better filter press and service to our customers.

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